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    How to sync FOLDERS and iPHOTO STUFF?
    I can only choose sync photos from iPhoto, folders, or choose certain folder.

    I have a folder thats in finder that i want to sync as well as certain albums I made in iPhoto. Is there a way that i won't have to move the folder in finder to iPhoto? Or do i really have to move folder to iPhoto?
    Thanks GUYS!!!

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    It's very hard to guess at what you might mean by this message. It's pretty low on useful information like Mac model, what you're trying to sync TO, system version, iPhoto version, etc etc.

    At a guess, I'm supposing that what you're trying to ask is how to sync pictures from outside iPhoto to your iPhone?? Or some other smartphone??

    If my guessing is correct, one method for syncing the photos would be to use a cloud storage service like Flickr. The photos wouldn't be on your camera roll but they would be accessible from your mobile device provided you had Internet access. You could also use a service like or SkyDrive (et al) and the corresponding iOS or Android app to store pictures from outside of iPhoto. There's also Google's Picasa, though I don't think that highly of it, it would work for this purpose.

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