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Thread: Final Cut pro Video deleted?

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    Final Cut pro Video deleted?
    I am using final cut pro x. I was working for 3 hours on a video last night. I wasn't finished, but I wanted to do a quick video today. I went to file, new project, so I could make a quick video and go back to that one later. Now my old project is no where! Is this supposed to happen? Can't I have more than 1 project saved in it at a time without exporting it? I spent 3 hours on that and don't want to lost all of that.

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    Backups? Always backup your projects whether it be something from iMovie, a thesis, or whatever. If a Spotlight search doesn't find it, try using a different search engine. I personally like and use the free "Find Any File" app. Download from here.

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    You can have numerous projects saved in final cut pro x, limited only by disk space. So either something happened to delete it or your project is still there (somewhere). Did you accept the defaults for file locations when you set it up initially?

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