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    Automator Service not appearing in Aperture
    Hi, A new member here! Can anyone shed light on what is wrong please? I have written an Automator Service, (see attachment) explicitly to use in Aperture but it will not show up in the Service Menu. In fact there are only 4 services showing under the heading “General” and no others. Any ideas?
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    Welcome aboard - I'm a new member too.

    I'm not familiar with Aperture, but I have used Automator a bit. An obvious thing I can see wrong with your workflow is that your workflow is providing an input of "Text" whereas the Aperture action is expecting to be supplied an image.

    So, I'm assuming that the service will only be available if you have some text selected, and will then give you an error because your action expects an image.

    I can't be too much more help since I don't know Aperture. Hope that sets you off in the right direction though.

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    Thanks for that, yes it should be set to None.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allsop View Post
    Thanks for that, yes it should be set to None.
    If that does not work change it to graphics or whatever it says. Don't remember the exact wording. Some services have to be rather specific about the input that they get.
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