Hi Dudes and Dudets, I just got an early Xmas present. I recently got a new Macbook air ( no that's not it ). I've been scouring the net looking for yummy bits to load onto it. I've not had much luck finding any decent games that run on mavericks. Finally I came across a game called FerrariVirtualRace. It is excellent. Similar quality to Forza for Xbox. It's free, brilliant graphics, doesn't need a new graphics card, runs perfectly. Lovely cars, choice of 4 models and many colours. Choice of cars to race against. Car can drift nicely. 187.9mb file size. 7-zip file opens perfectly in Mavericks. No install problems at all. Website is called paulthetall.com. Has other games I have not tried yet. Other successful games I have found on the net are: Ysfighterformac flight sim , ToCA car racing game, ExtremeTuxRacer, Conquest_mac (old 1970's tank game ), Chopper sidescroller helicopter game, Kascade brick game, MyNevermind ( weird guessing game ). I did manage to download and run Vdrift car drift game but it does not play properly on my machine. Car won't leave second gear and tops out at 45 miles per hour with snail pace acceleration. I hope you enjoy FerrariVirtualRace. I can't believe I found it.