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    Address Book
    I am running Mavericks.
    I have the "Contacts" App pre-installed, but I need "Adress Book" for use with Airmail, which is an excellent App.
    Could anyone tell me how I can install "Address Book" please? It is not in the App Store, and I have searched for this info everywhere, but no luck.
    Thank you in advance. Regards.

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    Address Book was the predecessor of Contacts. That's why you won't find it in the App Store. What are you trying yo do with Air Mail that is not working properly. Their site leaves the impression that it works with Contacts.

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    Thanks for your quick reply and the time you spent.

    Yes, from your link, the explanation is there, importing will come in the future:

    "Currently Airmail does not have an option for importing your contacts to Airmail (the feature for importing will be added for future version), However Airmail will automatically read your contacts from OSX or web-server and it will never edit your contacts, You can view the rest of the contacts by going to Window > Address View and the listed email address will be on the auto-suggestion for the composer field for “TO:, BCC: and CC”.

    I have found that choosing a contact in Adress View and clicking Info >New Message, a message window will open. Right click on the address in TO: > Add to contacts. Airmail then stores it. Discard the message.

    A bit long winded, but on the otherhand you can import only the contacts you really want and not all the ones in Contacts that you never use.

    For anyone reading this, I find Airmail fantastic for Hotmail and gMail, and this after spending hours trying to work Mail.

    Thanks again.

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    Airmail is pretty nice, I agree. I wish it wasn't so Gmail-centric and would work equally well on all IMAP accounts, but that is probably under consideration.

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