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    Aperture Major Crash
    After reinstalling OS X Mavericks and reinstalling my latest Time
    Machine backup everything seemed to work fine on my iMac. I pulled up several apps and tried them out; all seemed well.

    I had some new photos on my Nikon 7000 and decided to install them on the iMac. I plugged in the Nikon via its USB connection and switched on the camera to initiate Aperture. Aperture came up in import mode installing my images but for some reason, Aperture didn't recognize that the majority of the images on the memory card were already installed in Aperture. Consequently, it imported all 3,000+ images on the memory card!

    In the process of reinstalling all these images (only a dozen images were new) Aperture had completely screwed up the Projects already stored. Now I have over 1,626 Projects with screw ball labels like “Y33wfw8QQ10nRpJ%HuAAOg, Thumbnail, and oo2” averaging only two images each randomly stolen from my original Projects! What a mess and what is going on with Aperture?

    The bottom line is that my entire library of images is corrupted. Now what? What is the best way to recover from this fiasco?

    I'm thinking that throwing Aperture in the trash and using Time Machine to restore the application would be the best bet. Let me know what you think.
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