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Thread: Possible to Edit in Preview?

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    Possible to Edit in Preview?
    A search of "Edit in Preview" got nothing, so here's the question.

    I want to mask or cover a part of a .jpg picture for identity issues. Is this possible in Preview? I've been fiddling with the cursor and the text function, but not really getting anywhere.

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    I don't believe Preview has a "blur" feature that can be used. However, there are other programs that do have this feature which you can download from the Mac App Store for free.

    Check out "Skitch" in the Mac App Store. It's free and has many various tools to work with including one to "blur" out objects.

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    No there isn't a Blur as such, but you can pick a Line or Square or Circle and choose the Thick setting and it can cover a Numberplate, or a face or anything you want.
    The Skitch way is to choose the Coverup (black with squares in the Box) and you will need to use that 4/5 times to completely cover something as the Opacity is low and see through . .
    PS: I hate sketch since it went to EverNote
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