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    Firefox 29 Problems
    As usual, I quickly upgraded Firefox to v29 when it was released. I used the automatic update to install, but I immediately started getting those dreaded spinning beach balls. Eventually they subsided, but then Firefox 29 froze up twice. So I deleted v29 and downloaded a fresh copy and installed. So far, no freeze up and only an occasional spinning beach ball.

    What I have noticed is that Firefox 29 has slowed on my machine significantly from v28. Scrolling often hesitates then jumps down the page. It often doesn't scroll smoothly. I regularly have 10 tabs open and when I click on a tab, it has taken 1-2 seconds for Firefox 29 to respond and switch. These are the same tabs I had open in v28 where I had none of these issues.

    I am using the same extensions because the Firefox pre-scan found no incompatibilities. I have disabled ColorfulTabs because of a cosmetic issue. That must be a known bug since there are a number of posts about it on their website. I suppose I will eventually do some research and some extension disabling to see if one of them is causing my problems.

    Ok, here is another post with more problems.

    After about 2 hours of surfing, FF29 slowed to a crawl (FF28 took about 24 hours to slow down) and I seemed to get the Mac spinning beach ball nearly every time I tried to do something. But the last straw is after I quit FF29 and then restarted, the bookmarks toolbar is blank. It's there under the toolbar, but it is blank. I looked in All Bookmarks and the folder exists and all my bookmarks are in there. They simply don't get displayed. I archived the bookmarks and tried to delete the toolbar folder to recreate it, but that cannot be done. I turned it off and back on and no bookmarks. I tried adding a new bookmark to the toolbar thinking it might trigger the bar to be redrawn. Nope, the bookmarks exist but won't display.

    FF29 has become unusable for me and I am going back to FF28. Oh, and where did the Add-On bar at the bottom of the screen go to? It isn't displaying, and I cannot find the preference to turn it on like I could in FF28. Please Mozilla, get the bugs out of FF29.

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    I believe the addon bar was removed. I could be wrong on that though.

    FF29 involves, mostly, a complete overhaul of the UI. There are going to be bugs that need to be ironed out. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with migrating back to v28.
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    Add-on bar is still there, you just have to show it, it's hidden by default now.
    Are you sure you're showing the Bookmarks bar and not the Additional toolbar?
    This wont help with the Bookmarks bar but can help with other problems:
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