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    How do I copy iTunes tracks to another computer?
    I have a Mac desktop with a very large iTunes collection. This is all music that was not purchased from iTunes and is non-protected so I won't be dealing with issues over protection.
    My wife has a new Mac laptop and wants to get some tracks from my collection. It is several hundred or more and I know it would be hard to go through the actual folders on the computer and find all the tracks. A lot of times the folders and names don't seem to match what's on iTunes so this can be hard to do.
    Is there a way I can simply choose which songs directly within iTunes to copy to her computer? I'm just looking for an easy way to copy what she wants from my collection to her iTunes collection?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Home Sharing - Get Started - Apple Support
    iTunes: Setting up Home Sharing on your computer
    Understanding Home Sharing or music sharing - with this one, you could just set up a playlist of the songs she wants and share that playlist
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    Go through iTunes, put all the tracks in a playlist, then drag and drop them onto a USB stick and then load onto your wife's Mac.

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