Good Afternoon!
I have a question and I would like to apologize in advance if it does not belong here. It is related to an odd GMail behavior that might or might not be related to

I have had a GMail account set up as IMAP in Mail.App for about a year. It worked fine. I added another one a few days ago. It worked fine for one day. Now, every time I send an e-mail, I get at least one copy in my inbox (in Mail app and at GMail). Once, I got over 20 copies of the same message. It is happening for both addresses, but none of the addresses from my ISP do it. (All are non-GMail pop addresses)

On line there are dozens of great pages discussing this problem with POP accounts, but I am IMAP and the solutions are POP specific (like turning off Recent mode). To be honest, I'd rather use POP, but GMail won't let me send a mail to any address that is in the same client- GMail or not. My wife & do this frequently.

A couple of posts do address IMAP, but say the problem is caused by settings in Mail app. No solutions offered, however.

I use 10.6.8 and Mail app is version 4.6.

Have any of you encountered this goofy problem? It is by no means critical, just pesky.
Thanks for your thoughts!