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    Pages Updates - stuck in twilight zone
    Files on my desktop won't open giving me a prompt that says I need an update. Zoom over to updates and it says there are none available, the last Pages update was a week or two ago. How can I get out of this mess and open the files?
    Many thanks.

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    What version of Pages do you have now and what version created the files that won't open?

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    Here's what is happening:

    You have both the old and newer versions of Pages on your computer. When you first downloaded the new Pages, the old Pages was moved into folder. When you just double-click on a document, the old version (still the default) is trying to open the document and giving you the error message.

    Solution: don't throw away the old version (unless you're sure you don't want it), but copy it onto a disc or thumb drive or otherwise get it off the main drive. Then your documents will open in the correct version of Pages.

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