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    Exclamation Old (spam) mails showing in my current Inbox

    I tried to find the problem I am experiencing in the forums but it seems that I am the only one.

    Recently and sporadically when I receive an e-mail from a known Sender, his/her name appears and the Subject line of this mail.

    However, in the body of the mail there is some Junk mail from 2012 that sits in my computer, MacBook Pro.(Maverick)

    The same mail comes perfectly OK on my iPhone. So what I need to do is forward this mail from my iPhone to to another mail account of mine in order to be able to read it properly.

    This happens only with one mail account. (out of many I have in my Mail App).

    Has anyone had this problem, please? I would appreciate any feedback.

    Best regards,


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    You're not the only one, as this is what happens when an account is compromised. Either get rid of that particular account or create a strong password for it and see if the junk spam stops. Old junk mail also may be finding its way into your account because it hasn't been removed from the server. Usually an ISP will remove junk and spam from their filters after 30 days or so. And you should contact any sender whose mail arrives with junk and spam as their account might be compromised and used by a spammer.

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    Apr 26, 2014
    Thank you! I was thinking about that! I will change the password, but what it does it takes MY regular mails from October 2012 (for instance) and puts them as if CURRENT send sent those to me. Keeping the name and the subject line of the CURRENT sender. But this syndrome it comes and goes.

    Today, for instance all mails sent to this account came in the perfect form I will see if this has to do with the fact that it is a Sunday. I will put the update tomorrow! Thank you CHSAG! Enjoy your Sunday!

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    I changed the password. It happens LESS, but it happens. And it picks up the mails dated October 27, 2012 and also October 28, 2012.

    I will send Source next time this happens.

    What I did, I clicked on DELETE this message and when I looked in the Trash, the same message showed proper text. Then I dragged it to the Inbox where it first came in! VERY STRANGE!!!

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