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    Which app is a good replacement for Microsoft Money?
    I need an app that works just like Microsoft Money, the closest the better..
    Any recommendations?

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    Take a look at these reviews of Mac finance apps. LINK

    My folks seem to like iBank 5 the best, however, you'll need to draw your own conclusions. I used MS Money for years when on a Windows machine but never could find something for the Mac that was close enough to satisfy me.

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    I was facing the same question just over 12 years ago, however I was looking for a Linux app to replace MS Money ...

    I tried a few, and found KMyMoney to be the best.

    I still am using it today, on MBPro17 in OSX Mavericks, and it's still a great app, that does everything I need, without silly gimmicks or annoyingly patronising attempts to change stuff, as other similar programs tend to ...

    Admittedly, you'd need to install X11 (XQuartz for 10.9) for it (or many other Linux apps) to run, but the instructions are clear on sourceforge page and it doesn't even involve CLI these days. I'm actually still running KMyMoney version 1.0.5 - nice & stable
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    I used MS Money for years on my on my old Dell, but when I switched to Mac in 2007 I was unable to find anything that came near the functionality, simplicity and clarity of that MS stalwart. That was until I discovered (or more correctly was pointed in the direction of by a user on here) iBank. At first I was put off by the big coloured icons which affronted my sensibilities and to my mind made it look unprofessional, but having created my own customisation I now view these as very useful for quick scanning. OK, my needs for this software are not great (I don't have investment portfolios to consider , for example) but for budgeting, planning and keeping track of expenditure it's perfect for me.
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