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    Best OS for G4?
    Hey everyone, I just picked up one of these:

    iMac G4/700 (Flat Panel) Specs (iMac Flat Panel, M8672LL/A*, PowerMac4,2, M6498, 1873) @

    The only reason I got it was for my daughter to use to get on (for those of you who don't know, it's basically a learning website for kids and it's heavily reliant on flash). I have completed a fresh install of 10.4 and the only things I have done are install flash and register on the website. The website is so slow that it makes it pretty much unusable.

    What would be the best option for an OS to install that will suit my needs? It literally needs nothing more than a browser that is capable of loading this website. TIA.
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    I am afraid that todays Flash is going to be like a slide show on that old G4 Mac or even a PC of that time frame. If it was not for the need for Flash it might do, but even my faster G4 systems drag with Flash on heavy flash sites.

    Sorry I can not give you better news.

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    Exclamation Kids Games for G4 w/ 10.4?
    Ok so I bought an iMac G4 in hopes that my daughter could use it for Well the website uses flash and it's not an option anymore because of how slow it is. So, to not make this a dumb purchase, what are some things I can install so that my 3 year old can get some use out of it? TIA.

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    My favorite games
    My personal favorite games are, in no particular order:

    Pinstripe - Thomas Brush (my personal favorite's favorite haha)

    The Last Guardian

    Transformice - Atelier 801

    TES:V Skyrim - Bethesda

    Casino - 888 Casino review

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 2(and openRTC, a modified version with cheats ect.) - EA Games maybe??

    Spore - EA + Maxis Entertainment (EA was the publisher if I remember)

    The Last Guardian - Team Ico

    Ori and The Blind Forest - Microsoft + Moon Studios

    Roblox - Roblox Team(?) I like Roblox because of the creativity and generally polite players that usually help the clueless(like me haha) Plus it can educate kids how to use Lua and variables + the like.

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