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    iTunes album artwork issue
    i have 7 albums that dont have artwork from iTunes
    and i have tried to have iTunes get the album artwork
    File > Library > Get Album Artwork

    and it still doesnt
    any ideas?

    i have attached what it told me

    any help at all would be greatly appreciated
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    Long time ago I got myself this app: TuneUp - it sorted out all my old albums, transferred from Linux and CDs.

    I haven't run it for ages, as all my new music/movies/shows come from iTunes Store, but it was excellent in getting all the missing artwork, cleaning up some messed up old mp3 files, etc, etc.


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    For a small quantity (I would consider 7 albums small) I'd just google the artwork and add it manually by highlighting the songs, choosing "Get Info" and adding the artwork.

    If there were dozens of albums that needed artwork I'd seek out an app.

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    Or just head to Amazon for the artwork.
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