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    Has my firefox got spyware?
    Ok so today i was browsing the net with firefox and i got a pop-up asking me to download and run WINFIXER because my system may have errors and the registry may be corrupt? i click cancel and it goes to a winfixer website which i can't exit without agreeing to download, i had to force quit firefox to escape

    WTF??? I haven't downloaded any malicious looking software and have not allowed anything to install itself on my comp.

    Do i have spyware? or is this a firefox bug.

    It seems to have stopped now but why/how did this happen? What rgistry was it even going to try and check??

    Anyone else had the same?


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    It was going to try and check the windows registry, But i presume you were on os x.
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    There has been a problem with winfixer and firefox, as you know it is spyware but it's not spyware when using FF as with IE, but can be a pain. If you shutdown FF and open it again and get that popup go to your FF prefs.js and delete the addition of winfixer.. I'm at work on my pc and don't know the location on the Mac.
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    its a pop up, so its not real, haven't you seen the advertisements that say, "You've got mail!!!!1111!!!!!!!" duh, you don't. it just wants you to download something that will probably install spyware on a PC.

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    Bingo macAttack. It's just a popup from a crap website. There's nothing wrong with your PC. As you'll see, it got the desired effect, you clicked on one of the pretend buttons (you should just close the window, and if you can't force quite) and it took you to a site that "forced" the download of an EXE, which won't affect your machine anyway. Still crap though

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    Yeah and these guys just make anything you click (no, cancel, ok) go to their website and automatically start a download.

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