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    I am running a 200 mile relay race in a remote location with 12 friends. I would like to find an app that will help us track our own locations as well as that of our fellow runners. There is no cell service in some of the legs of the race route. So, I have the following questions:
    1. Does Find Friends cache maps so that I can see my own location even if I don't have cell service?
    2. Does Find Friends track a fellow runner's location so that I can see where he is at as long as I have cell service even if my fellow runner does not have cell service?
    3. If Find Friends cannot do this, is there another app that you would recommend?

    Thanks for you help.

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    You didn't mention which device you're using but I'll assume it's an iPhone or maybe an iPad? Without cellular service "Find Friends" and those types of applications will be unable to track location data. The last location will show up where cellular service was available but of course it won't be accurate because the runner will have moved on since then.

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    I will be using an iPhone 5s.

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