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    Transfer some programs to Macbook Air
    I'm trying to transfer some programs, such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop, from a MacBook Pro to my MacBook Air. They're connected via USB and also a wireless network (the Air doesn't have firewire). I do legitimately own all of my programs. The Air isn't as big as the Pro, so I can't use Migration Assistant to transfer all of the programs. When I tried to drag-and-drop, the PhotoShop program files were just aliases. The MS transfer is still copying, so I can't check its files yet. How can I move just some programs, and its permissions, from the MacBook Pro to the Air? (I did search but didn't find that discussion in this forum; if it's already been covered, I would appreciate a link to the topic). Thanks!

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    Two things:

    1. Depending on:

    - the version of these apps
    - the age of the MBP and MBA
    - the OS version of the MacBook Air

    ......are you 100% sure these apps will run on your MacBook Air?

    2. If the apps in question are newer versions...many newer apps are downloadable via the internet. So if you have valid serial numbers or activation keys...then you may be able to (if necessary)...deactivate these apps from your MacBook them...then activate them on your MacBook Air.

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    Thank you, pig003. I'm sure they will run on the MacBook Air (they're recent versions). I'll take your advice to download them again. Thanks.

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