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    Good games for a new iBook 1.33 G4 512RAM
    I downloaded America's Army and it was very laggy. I heard World of Warcraft was a good game. How do you think that would be performance wise on my iBook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryandowler05
    How do you think that would be performance wise on my iBook?
    Playable, just turn down all the settings. More ram would definantly help.

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    I remember using the Sims 2 on my iBook when it had 512MB. It ran okay, but I suggest getting at LEAST another 512MB.

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    Surprisingly, I can play Warcraft 3 better than my friend's laptop, but he out performs on the FPS Enemy Territory. I can effectively run it at 1024x768x32 without lag. The ibook heats up significantly however.
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    I play Warcraft III all the time in 1024x768 with full settings, it runs great. You can run WoW with an iBook, just with compromised graphical detail.

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