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Thread: watching avi files on the tv

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    watching avi files on the tv
    I use a powerbook g4 1.25 and the vlc player to view them however when i detect the screen in preferences its a bit blurry, however the video is ok. Does anyone know how to get a perfect picture on the tv.

    Also when I set the pic to full screen it jumps back to the laptop screen. So im left with the vlc bar on the tv, any way i can get rid of this.


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    TVs can only (on average) display 640x800. Reading text is almost impossible on pretty much any TV.

    VLC's preferences probably has an option to pick which screen holds the full screen...
    if not, then in System Preferences/Display/Arrangement simply drag over the menu bar from your laptop's monitor to the TV. :mac:
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    got it.


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