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Thread: OneNote Mac equation add-on???

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    Hey guys.
    I've just downloaded OneNote for mac in the AppStore which I've been waiting for for a very long time (not satisfied with Growly Notes)... And i have to admit that i have always loved the program. But after I installed it I got very disappointed! THERE IS NO EQUATION FUNCTION, and it's in general very insufficient compared to the Windows version!?! I go to high school and have chemistry on advanced level, and taking notes in this subject is impossible without the equation function - in math as well. Then i just wondered if there were any of you guys who knew if there is any equation add-on or any update coming soon that'll fix this problem?

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    One Note for Mac OS X is a brand new version 1.0 application from Microsoft and should not be compared with the Windows version. As far as I'm aware, there are no add ons for One Note yet. That's something you might ask for or suggest in the Microsoft Mac Office forums. I'm not even sure if the forums have support for One Note yet.

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    It's very much an initial release as chscag noted. For example, where's the ability to export these notes to a more universal format?

    Would using the equation editor in Word help (and then pasting it into OneNote)?
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    no, it's unfortunately not possible...

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