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    Reply mail sends from the wrong address
    I have 6 email address set up in Mac MaiI that I need to keep straight. Since I upgraded to Mavericks, Iíve noticed that when I reply to an email, those emails get sent from then same address and not from the address to which the original email got sent. I canít seem to find in the preferences where to change this so that when I reply to an email, it sends from the same email address.

    I have Mail version 7.2 (1874) on a MackBook Pro with OS X 10.9.2


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    When you reply look at the box below subject it will list which email address it will post you can change it to what ever is listed in your accounts but it always defaults to last used email address.

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    Before I updated, I use to have it set where if I received an email in account A, then when I replied, it would automatically use the email address from account A, regardless of the last email address I used. I didn't have to change the email address each time.

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