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    Invoice Software
    Does anyone know of a good invoicing program for a small business. I would like to be able to create invoices, develop a customer data base and a master product list with this program.

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    Well there is all these in the MAS ( Mac App Store )

    NeoOffice ~ Invoicing
    Bill - Invoice issuing made painless and fun
    Easy Invoice
    Invoice Perfect
    Express Invoice

    There is just a few. Goto the Finance Section of the Mac App Store and have a look around. I think even iBank 5 can do invoicing, with importing QIF files.
    Remember the links above are from the Aust Mac App Store, so if you change the *au* with *us* then it will take you too the US Store, if thats where you live.

    If it was me, I would look at the Neo Office Invoicing, because they make a great Pages/Numbers or Word/Excel alternative, and if the invoicing App has the same detail, then it would be hard to pass up.

    EDIT : Here is a link with 10 Google Pages of Invoicing Apps for you
    EDIT 2 : Then there is the full blown account Quickbooks Suite or MYOB ~ Accounting for small Aust Business if your in Australia.

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