I am doing a trail version of Adobe Premiere Elements 12 (latest version) on my Macbook Pro. Anyone ever use this (whether on Mac or Windows)? I may want to go up to the Pro version if this basic version works well. So far my trail version keeps crashing after working on a work over 10-30 minutes of editing. The computer itself remains on and functional...so far.

Another note is that I upgraded to the Maverick Mac OS-X Version 10.9.2.

I looked over the technical requirements on the adobe website before I downloaded the trail version from there. My Macbook meets all the requirements just fine.

My Macbook Pro is from Early 2011. I made quite a few adjustments over the years to it.

It still has its original 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor (64 bit) and graphics card: Intel HD graphics 3000 512GB. I switched out my 4GB RAM with 8GB RAM and my HDD (320GB) for a SSD (250GB). Every other program on my Macbook has worked fine this whole time. Sadly, I no longer have the original parts I switched out.

You think my attempt to play surgeon on my Macbook Pro may be responsible for this crashing? Or do think the computer itself is too old? Adobe Premiere is the most recent/modern program ran on my Macbook to this date.

I read a few reviews mentioning the same scenario on Adobe Premiere elements 12, but no thoughts on what may be causing the program to crash.

Any thoughts?