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Thread: how do I reinstall appleworks?

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    how do I reinstall appleworks?
    I just deleted the Appleworks icon off my desktop not realizing it would delete the application. I feel so dumb. How can I get it back without having to back up all my files and reinstalling all the bundled software? Is there a way to just install Appleworks alone?

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    Grab your restore disc slot it in browse the disc and go to install additional appliactions. Then when the list comes with all the apps on the disc only click on appleworks.

    Then let it run and voila you will ahve appleworks back on your machine.
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    Umm does Appleworks even come with the install discs? On mine I only see language support files for it. It didn't come installed on my powerbook when I got it.

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    I figured it out. I put the 1st install disk in. Clicked custom and selected English version of Appleworks. Cool

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