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Thread: gta 4 on mac

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    gta 4 on mac
    Hello i use a MacBook Pro 13-inch, Mid 2012
    I downloaded gta 4 on my mac through a windows CD using WINE(wine bottler) installation is complete but when i launch it then it asks for CD.
    I inserted the original CD but its not recognising it and displays 'no disk' . What can i do to solve this.

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    Although WineBottler is a fairly good Windows installer for some games, it's hit and miss on many others. Windows games such as GTA 4 which require insertion of the original CD in order to run the game (piracy protection) are probably not going to work because they can't "see" your Mac's hardware. You might need to run GTA 4 either using a Boot Camp installation or Virtual Machine (Parallels, VMWare Fusion).

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