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    Arrow iPhoto Slideshow Export problems
    Have not been able to export completed slideshow presentation to movie format on most recent versions of OSX (10.9.2) and iPhoto (9.5.1)
    Slide show is prepared with transitions, timings,music etc. Finished slideshow is tested and plays correctly.
    Export command is applied, dialog box appears requesting resolution option (tried all), then navigation window provides destination options (tried many). When OK is given a progress box appears with a black screen accompanied by an empty progress bar. THERE IS NO PROGRESS in one minute, five minutes or more than an hour. NOTHING MORE HAPPENS.
    I have tried the process on two of my Macs, both of which have produced successful results in the past with earlier software.
    Furthermore, slideshows I have previously exported no longer respond???
    Anyone else having this trouble???

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    The fact that slideshows you have previously exported as movie files no longer play in QuickTime suggests this could be an issue with QuickTime, and not anything to do with iPhoto. I'm exporting a simple slideshow (33 slides) in the latest iPhoto on the latest version of Mavericks now and will let you know how it goes, but I can see it is progressing so I suspect it will work fine.

    Yes, I have verified that my slideshow (which had transitions and music) exported normally and the movie plays back fine.

    Sorry to say, it seems like something on your end. All I can suggest at the moment is make sure your boot drive has PLENTY (as in dozens) of free GB available, and do routine maintenance using something like the highly-recommended OnyX (free). That might help.
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