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    Realplayer issue (no sound....what?)
    Got a Mini for xmas, and am loving its been an easy transition for me, but I seem to be experiencing a bit of a problem with RealPlayer.

    It was working fine up until yesterday. I don't have any clue what I did to the machine, but RealPlayer suddenly no longer has audio. The video works fine, but there is no sound. I've dumped and reinstalled the problem, and that didn't fix anything. I've tried a bunch of .ram files, and they have no sound. I try other video formats (.wmv, .avi, .mov, etc) and they all work fine.

    Only think I could possibly think of (coming from PC days) is I had iTunes open and playing some music, then openned up some concert footage in was playing, but then I paused the iTunes...somewhere after that the audio just stopped in RealPlayer.

    I also had mplayer installed and removed it, but that was after the audio went away in RealPlayer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know there were weird sound issues on PC...sometimes starting one app would cut the audio out of something else, or mute a channel or something...doesn't seem like that's the case here, at least from what I can tell in System Preferences.



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    have you got garage band on your system?

    If so start it up then close it down, then try real player and you should have sound back.

    That happended a year ago to me when playing southpark via real palyer. Realplayer acknowledge it as an issue but that is the advice they provide on thier site.

    If you dont have garage band., Then trash realplayer and download and reinstall it. Also bin your cacche folder on your hardrive.
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    Thanks, I might have found a previous post by you on this...found it right after I posted this thread. It was the Garageband issue, all fixed

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