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Thread: iTunes questions and mess

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    iTunes questions and mess
    I just got an Airport Express and it's great. I have been playing my iTunes music with Airport WiFi through my Bose Wave with/trhough/from all my devices (iPad, and 2 iPhones) and my Mac. All is fine and works well.

    But my iTunes is a mess and needs organizing, cleaning up and lots of help. I am using Version 11 now. I seem to remember once upon a time there was a key sequence upon opening iTunes that you could go to another "account" not actually another iTunes account just another folder with files. Can we still do this? I've been searching help, but can't find the word for this feature, nor can I remember the key sequence.

    I preview a lot of music and sometimes don't want it in my active list, but don't want to lose track of it or discard it. I do use Time Machine and other multi gig manual back up storage.

    Essentially I am looking for a way to streamline my iTunes as my devices can't hold all of my music and I thought perhaps different devices could hold different types - classical, pop/rock, etc.

    Would it just be better to keep everything in iTunes on my Mac - I have the space, and organize it in one iTunes with playlists?

    I know, first world problems, but I am looking for organizational suggestions/tips. Somehow it was easier to file my LP's by colour on a shelf. Yes, I am that old.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I think the trick you mentioned is holding down the Option key while launching iTunes. .With this trick you could have several potential libraries an d control which one loads.

    One library for example might contain your main library. Hold down the option key on launch and you can create a second library with the tracks you've been "previewing". I think it would be possible using Automator or AppleScript to crewe an icon that launches each library.

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    That's it - the option key. I'll play around and see if I can get organized.

    Thanks for the reply.

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