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    Screen Sharing
    I have an android phone running 4.1.2, an MBP on 10.9.2 at home, and an iMac on 10.8.5 at work. I can use my phone as an access point as part of my Verizon account. However, when I connect my MBP to my phone's access point, Screen Share with my iMac does not work. It works perfectly fine when MBP is on my home network and iMac is on work network. Does anyone have any ideas how to make it work when MBP is on phone's access point?

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    Are you using a specific port for the screen sharing? It is possible that the Verizon network is blocking said port and thus you can't get it to work..

    If you use a general screen-sharing system like, Logmein, or any of those variants, they usually get past any of the particular port being blocked issues..

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