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    "ultragroovalicious" could not load in 64-bit mode
    Ever since upgrading to Mavericks everytime I open iTunes I get this message:
    "ultragroovalicious" could not load in 64-bit mode
    Thinkning it would be a common problem and would get fixed with an iTunes upgrade I have been putting up with it but having waited for a few months I just Googled it and surprisingly got no results??

    Has it been fixed? is there an upgrade to Ultragroovalicious?


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    1. This isn't an iTunes problem; it's an issue with a third-party iTunes visualizer you downloaded and installed. So an "iTunes upgrade" isn't going to fix it.

    2. The fix is to contact the makers of ultragroovylicious, or simply search the web for an updated version.

    3. You can disable the old one, or force iTunes to open in 32-bit mode, which will also solve the problem.

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    Personally, as the most recent version of that 3rd party plug-in that I found available with just a quick search was put out in 2005, prior even to Apple's move to Intel, and six (6) versions of OS X back, I would suggest you just get rid of it and find a current visualizer - if you even need one.
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