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Thread: using "Q" to emulate x86

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    using "Q" to emulate x86
    Hello everybody,
    I have downloaded "Q" to emulate an x86 pc on my computer, I really have no need for this but to experiment, maybe run some windows only applications and also I would like to run a verizon card (if possible) that only works on my windows systems.

    So my questions on "Q" are this. When I increase the amount of ram in the q does this mean that it is working off of my system ram or is it not using hardware ram and is doing it like virtual memory in windows where it is taking "fake" memory from the hard drive. Along with this question when I update other hardware information is it really using my actuall hardware to do this or is it emulating that as well?

    Another question is if I wanted to emulate x86-64 on my powerbook as opposed to my powermac is my G4 capable of that or because it is not a 64 bit chip it is not possible?

    Sorry if these questions don't make any sense I am just pretty much an experiment and therefore if somethign does not work then I don't really care, simply fooling around and learning as much as I can.
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    1. The ram you enter is your actual physical ram: Basically you are just allotting this program a certain portion of your systems ram. It will also use virtual memory though... (all apps do when the real ram is full)

    2. It should be able to do x86-64, it can emulate anything you want theoretically, as it simulates them with software, it'll just be slower than emulating a regular x86 chip.

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    Following on from what Aptmunich said, it would be pointless to use the x86-64 option unless you happen to only have a windows xp64 cd.

    Be warned, windows xp will take many hours to install on your powerbook, and even then it will run very slow, I gave up on the install. You would be better off with 2000, 98, or even 95. The general rule of thumb is to use the oldest version of windows you can that the software you need still works.

    Also this forum may be of interest to you (its for qemu, Q is the mac version of qemu) but this is the board for mac users ---> Here

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