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    Question Skype for Mac
    So i've just recently switched from a windows to a mac & i downloaded skype. So i was skyping with my friends & they said they could hear what i was playing on my end (Youtube) but i was using earphones(by apple) so i was wondering if i could disable that? Or is there anyway to fix it?

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    You want to hear music through your Mac while you're Skyping with someone and be able to talk to them, have them hear you only and be able to hear them, if I get the gist of your post. As far as I know, there isn't a way to split your audio that way. You need an iPod or a similar device to listen to while talking to your friends, and friends who are very understanding when you keep asking them to repeat something you missed.

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    I remember posting about this some time ago on another forum. I'll try to dig up the specifics. Here's the way I think it worked.This assumes that you have two different means of audio output on your Mac such as internal speakers and some other audio device usually on the USB port.

    1. Download and install Audio Hijack. Not free but reasonable given some if its capabilities.
    2. Make sure the two audio devices are connected (lets say speakers on one port and headphones on another)
    3. Audio Hijack should then be able to send the Skype output to one output and music to another.

    This might also be possible by adjusting the Skype settings. It has been a while since I used Skype and I don't remember if the output from Skype must be set to the same thing as System output in the sound preference pane.

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