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    Bar code and Inventory software for Mac
    My daughter has an interior design business, her accountant told her she needs to inventory her warehouse. She has a Mac book pro and an iPhone. I am trying to help her find a good program that will allow her to take a picture of an item enter a description of the item, generate and print a barcode label, and enter this information into an excel spreadsheet.

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    Your post was moved here to "OS X - Apps and Games" the correct forum. It does not belong in our Lounge forum.

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    Thanks, I wasn't sure where it should go. I have done some further research and found that her accounting program has an inventory module in it that will allow you to attach a picture of an item, enter a description and location. It will then assign it an item number, so all I have to find is a good barcode generator program to make labels with the item number on it.

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    I am looking for a barcode app as well, for the UPC codes. I found a pretty easy QR code generator where you can put contact info, website address, even text in. The text portion doesn't need a WIFI connection to print out the text, so that may be beneficial.

    Hope this helps, and that someone can post about a good UPC generator.

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    I found 2 bar code generator programs that sound pretty good. Bar Code Producer by Apparent (single user license $299.99) and Barcode Maker for Mac by iWinsoft ($49.99).
    We will probably go with Barcode Maker partly because of cost and mainly because we have no need for everything Bar Code Producer offers.

    Now I need to find a scanner that will work with AccountEdge Pro. Their website says the program will work with scanners that output to the computer as a keyboard device, I have emailed their customer support find out what this means because my Mac uses usb or bluetooth for keyboard connection, not a dedicated keyboard connection.

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    I learned that almost all barcode scanners can send data to a computer as a keyboard device, and that Honeywell, Motorola, Wasp, & Socket all make good bluetooth scanners that sell for around $200. While I was looking around I came across 2 iPhone apps that sound promising. iCody, and CLZ Barry, they use the phones camera and send the information to the computer. They are both $9.99 on Apples app stores and both seem to have good reviews. I may try one.

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