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    View pages side by side in Word's Publishing Layout View?
    I'm trying to view both pages of a two-page document side by side, but that option seems to be disabled in publishing layout view. This seems counter-intuitive, as I'd expect that to be possible for many publishing management needs.

    Any fixes? I'm currently on OS 10.7.5/Word 2008 but I have the same issue at work on Word 2011.

    BTW if I picked the wrong category please advise on the appropriate one.

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    You did choose the wrong forum, however, I moved your post to the correct one: "OS X Apps and Games".

    As for your question.... I honestly don't know why Microsoft has chosen to not allow multiple pages to be viewed side by side. I just tried this with Word 2011 in Publishing View and it refused to allow me to view pages side by side. In print view I can view pages side by side.

    I don't have time right now to create a template and try it that way. Normally, I do not use Word to create our bulletins and flyers because it's limited in what it can do. I use iStudio Publisher instead and that program allows pages to be viewed side by side.

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