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    Clearing Last Import
    I have just bought a MacBook Pro after over 20 years of using PC's and am going through a very steep learning curve. I have bought some software called O2M to help with the transfer of data from Outlook to Mail, Address Book and iCal.
    The first problem I have hit is that on the PC I had my contacts categorised into folders, e.g. Friends, Family, Businesses, etc. In my wisdom I thought if I transferred one folder at a time I could just create one group at a time. This doesn't work because there is something called Last Import which every time I bring a new set of contacts over increases and basically puts all contacts I have transferred together. If I delete from Last Import the contact is deleted.

    Is there any way of clearing Last Import so it only conatains the last set of contacts?



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    I've never noticed this before because I usually just ignore the Last Import group, but it seems to behave the way you describe on both Mac's I tested with. I tried poking around in the various settings and even in the actual files where the address book and individual cards are stored and didn't find anything, so I turned to Google and found this short discussion at the Apple Support forums. It describes both a geeky and potentially dangerous fix and a more ingenious work around using a Smart Group that I think would work well for you. Here's the link:

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Manually Reset AddressBook Last Import ...

    The key setting in the smart group is to use the "is not member of" match condition and match against "any group".

    On a different but related topic, while I was playing with Address Book in looking for a fix for this issue I discovered that if you highlight an individual card and press the "option" key on your keyboard Address Book will highlight all the groups that card is in, which I thought was pretty cool.

    HTH - Good luck!

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    Thanks for that Dana, at the moment I am still grappling with Mac terminology I have only had the Mac a week. I have only just got what the idea of a group is, I will have to try and get my head around Smart Groups. I think I get the general idea and will get there eventually

    Thanks for your help


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    Importing Contacts and Using Last Import
    I've struggled with the same issue - my solution - if you, like me, are using a .csv file to import, create an extra column in the .csv file.
    Enter a random unique word/characters in this field for all the entries/contacts.
    After the import, don't use 'last import' but just do a search in the address book for the unique word/characters. It should produce the list just imported. Select all and drop into the group of your choice.

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    Group = collection of names you manually drag over from the main list (a subset view of the main list, if you will)

    Smart Group = collection of names added automatically when they meet the pre-definied criteria

    (this also applies to "smart albums" in iPhoto, "smart playlists" in iTunes, smart folders, etc ...)

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