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    Unhappy Trouble saving files after using AppleXsoft
    hi there

    never posted anything on any kind of forum before, so firstly, apologies if I have started off in the wrong place….

    Purchased AppleXSoft to recover lost files on my MacBook Pro (not sure how they got lost) and when I run the scan, it shows me everything I'm looking for…10 years worth of photos etc.

    However, the problem comes in trying to save the files. Purchased a new external hard drive (1TB, so it is big enough) to save them to, and formatted it for Mac before trying to save to it.

    However, when I follow the AppleXsoft instructions for saving, nothing happens, which is to say, the files never appear on the external hard drive. Have contacted support at AppleXSoft, but got nowhere, they just kept saying not to try and save to the drive I am scanning, which I'm not doing.

    Help/Ideas please?!

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    I'm not sure I can help you as I don't know anything at all about AppleXSoft data recovery software. We usually recommend Data Rescue 3 because we know from experience that it works.

    However, all data recovery software works pretty much the same. From a scan, it will find files and folders that have been deleted but remain on the hard drive. One of the problems with trying to recover data that has been deleted is that it may have been overwritten by using the hard drive and later discovering the files were accidentally deleted. The recovery software "finds" the files and folders but can not recover them because of this.

    If you can not save the files to the external hard drive that AppleXSoft found, it may be that they are not recoverable. And if that is true, the only way to recover the files is to use a data recovery service which is very expensive.

    One of the first things we advise folks who have accidentally deleted or lost files on their hard drive is to immediately stop using the drive. Any kind of access to the drive presents a danger of overwriting.

    And by the way, I moved your post here to this forum where it belongs. Our Lounge forum is for off topic discussions.

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