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Thread: play in OSX or use bootcamp to play in windows?

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    Dec 27, 2013
    play in OSX or use bootcamp to play in windows?
    I just bought my first macbook a couple of days ago(the best one currently available, 16gb ram, core i7, nvidia card). Is there a general rule that if a game is made for mac and windows, it will run better on OSX or it will run better if you boot into windows? Thanks!

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    If you find a game that is capable of running on OS X, you wouldn't need to get the Windows versions. Now, it's possible to have game be moved over to the OS X poorly so that the performance is pretty bad and you're better of with the Windows original. But, this varies from game to game.

    If gaming is your primary goal, then going with Windows means that you have access to a larger catalog of games..

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    Dec 27, 2013
    If my main purpose was gaming, I wouldn't have bought a mac
    I was just curious to see how some newer games perform on it. I think I will compare CS:GO on OS X and windows 7 and see for myself!

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