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    prl_vm_app takes more than 2 GB
    Good morning everyone:
    On my mac Activity monitor I can see the inactive take a lot of memory gradually (within minutes) until it reaches 7 GB (I have 16GB of RAM) until the machine becomes too slow.
    Any suggestion why this happens please?
    BTW, I use the command purge to solve the problem temporarily, but this does does not solve the problem permanently. it comes back within minutes.

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    While a large chunk of inactive memory may be coinciding with the machine slowing down - inactive memory would not be the issue causing the machine to slow down - inactive memory is memory that has been used, but is not being used currently - it is available at request for anything else that needs it.

    I'd be looking at CPU usage instead and what application is being used.
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    Thank you bobtomay.

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    prl_vm_app is the parallels application that runs if you have a vm running. Depending on the size of the VM, it will take a ton of memory and CPU to run.

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    Jan 21, 2013
    Thank you . problem solved, but I do not know how. everything is back to normal.

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