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    Help with downloading more logic pro X instruments?
    Hi. On my macbook I have logic pro x, which is great, but compared to my college it has fewer instruments - it lacks for example timpani, which I particularly need and other things besides. Is this because my college also has logic pro 9 as well as logic pro x? (if so, I'd have hoped logic pro x would have had a better library) either way, is there any way I could download more instruments for my logic pro x? Preferably for free. That would be great.

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    Sorry, as far as I'm aware, there are no free downloads for Logic Pro. There are in fact plenty of instruments available but it's pay as you go.... See this LINK. You can freely download and try all the demos on that site. Check them out.

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    For anybody else wondering, I just want to clarify on OP's question.

    I think that the user was talking about the pre-packaged instruments missing, in which case, if you go to Logic Pro X>Download Additional Content...> You should be able to download instruments such as the timpani that you were referring to.

    I know this topic is probably really old, but I just wanted to verify for anyone having the same issue and coming here.

    Also, as far as free instruments go, you can always download Kontakt. Just plug that up through logic and download VSTs designed for Kontakt and you'll have a wide variety of stuff to choose from.

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