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    Accidentally deleted Apple Loops folder.
    Running Mac Mini i5…on Mavericks 8gb ram.
    Here is what I have done.
    I added a load of 3rd party loops by dragging them into the loops folder in Garageband.
    They were in a mess so I decided to uninstall Garageband and completely deleted the apple loops all I have when I re-installed GB is the 3rd party loops and none of the pre-loaded apple ones.
    I don't even know where the 3rd party ones are stored to delete them!!

    Can anyone help me to get a clean install of GB with all of the loops that came with it?
    Do I need to create a new apple loops folder or something?

    When I go to library/audio….there is no Apple loops or Apple loops index folder only -
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    Do you have a backup, like a Time Capsule?

    Check this thread on Apple's forums:

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