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Thread: Capitalisation of "I" in Mail

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    Capitalisation of "I" in Mail
    I have read several messages on the Forum on how to do this and I have gone to System Preferences-Language & Text-Text and have added the required substitution of "I" for a typed single "i".

    It works perfectly in Text Editor but NOT in Mail!

    Help Please.

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    According to a comment to this article:
    How to use Mac OS X's text substitution - Jimmy Obomsawin, Mac Support

    ... you have to enable text substitutions in Mail, and indeed in any app, first. This is done in:
    Edit > Substitutions > Text Replacement

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    Thanks for your reply, but as you can see the attached screen shot - all the options are GREYED out.

    Is there a step I've missed?

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    Open a new mail first - you have to be at a place where you can put text.

    But, it will not work for "i".
    Tried it last night - the text replacement requires a minimum of 2 letters.

    All this seems to me to be a lot more work than pressing the shift key for an "I".
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    Here's another solution -- learn to spell.

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