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    Redefine Hyperlink Color in MS Word Mac 2011
    How do you change the default colors for a hyperlink in MS Word for Mac. I believe the default colors are blue and purplish pink with the underline.

    I know I can change the initial color and remove the underline via Style > Modify > Font. But is there a way to modify the color link in other states (e.g. link, visited, hover, active)?

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    For Mac, you can create a Macro to change the hyperlink color.

        Sub Linkcolor()
         With ActiveDocument.Styles("Hyperlink").Font
            .Name = ""
            .Underline = wdUnderlineSingle
            .Color = RGB(80, 200, 210)
          End With
          ActiveDocument.Styles("Hyperlink").BaseStyle = "Default Paragraph Font"
        End Sub
    And then save it as a template with .docm. Then you can save it as a .docx.

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