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haha4176 11-16-2013 11:44 PM

Screen Flickering when I try to play Skyrim on mac
I have been playing Skyrim for a while, and I reached level 36 two days ago. However, when I tried to play it yesterday, the screen started to flicker and there was no option to continue or load my saved files. Then I checked my saved files by showing package contents of my skyrim, and the save files were still there.

So there are two problems.
1. flickering screen
2. unable to load my save files

pigoo3 11-17-2013 12:37 AM

To the best of my "Offical" release of Skyrim for the Macintosh has not been released by the developer. Thus whatever is out there...may not be as "polished" as an official developer release would be. were able to get to level 36...but maybe this is where some sort of glitch finally decided to surface in this unoffical release of Skyrim.

Maybe I'm wrong...or maybe I'm missing something. If so...please let me know.:)

- Nick

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