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    Once I downloaded the latest update to itunes all of u sudden 1,700 songs cannot be located.

    I spent countless hours editing the tags and now not only are 1,700 songs unable to be located, but those same songs reverted to their original tags.

    I do have both the "Keep itunes organized" and "Consolidate files in itunes media" options selected in the advanced preferences tab.

    I am running itunes on my HP Pavillion with Windows 7 x64.

    Please Help!!! Thanks!

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    The Windows version of iTunes has some differences from that of the Mac version so I don't know if I can be of much help. I don't run iTunes in Windows 7....

    Make sure your iTunes library hasn't been moved is the first thing I would check. I also updated my Mac version of iTunes to and it didn't disturb the tags or songs.

    You may be able to revert to an older library. Look for a folder named "Previous iTunes Libraries". Better yet if you've been keeping up with making backups. Windows 7 backup is easy to use.

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