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    Nov 10, 2013
    Why Can't Chrome Re-Open my Last Used Tabs?
    I'm new to Apple with a MacBook Pro Retina after years of boredom with low quality Windows based hardware - now the hardware is great but a feature I know and love is missing?

    Why doesn't Chrome for Mac seem to be able to open my last used tabs? There doesn't seem to be an answer I can find online.

    Thanks to anyone who can answer this - biggest gripe of switching so far!

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    iPad Pro 12.9 latest iOS
    Chrome -> Settings -> On startup -> Continue where I left off

    Would that do the job ?

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Hi McBie,

    Nope - I'd tried that and also making sure no google cloud printer was enabled (a strange suggestion from a Google search but worth a try...)

    I've read in a few places this seems to be a problem but never seen many responses. Also tried naming specific tabs to re-open but no good either.

    Also in the 'General' tab in system preferences I have unchecked 'close windows when quitting an application' but that hasn't helped either.

    Such a simple thing but a real pain

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