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Thread: What are programmers paid for when coding for iphone using objective c?

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    Nov 05, 2013
    What are programmers paid for when coding for iphone using objective c?
    Such as, the time they spend on the code they write, or is it the ammount of programs they code?

    Are they awarded for the ammount of programs they make? Say there manager asks them to code 10 apps, if they code 7 then are they still paid?

    How do i publish a app say if i make a program for iphone like skype or a peer to peer application.
    How would i price my software i code?
    Do people ask me to do it or am i going to do it myself and release it to public? IS there some kind of special license i have to purchase with a company or say pay to the goverenment to make a website or a external link for apples website?

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    Nov 05, 2013
    I dont know if NOT doing that is a illeagle thing or not.

    I have heard that people have to get licensce or some proofe of their identity for publishing software of their own.
    What if the app they wrote was not verified by apple, could i get a fine or do i have to pay lots of money for fraud?

    If i just price app say for about $40 or so would that make sense? On what basis should i price my app. Say if i wrote a internet app similer to skype which enables VOIP. How much do you think that program will cost on apples store?

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    Jan 28, 2013
    Maybe the programmers contact the Apple office and tell the staff that they will make an app or something hehe

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    Nov 05, 2013
    OH ok. thanks LOL!!!
    i really want to make programs for the iphone but i dont were to start. I know objective c.
    I just done know how much people would pay for them.
    Thanks anyways.

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    1) Grab an Intel-based Mac (newer the better)
    2) Visit and register as an iOS developer. You can start with the free registration. .
    3) Grab XCode (again, newer since you might want to target iOS 6 and 7)
    3) Develop your application using Objective-C.
    4) Test your application on the iPhone simulator
    5) Register as a paid developer for $99/year to be able to test your application on a iOS device (iPod Touch or iPhone).
    6) Once your application works, you can go back to the Development site and submit your application
    7) Your application will be verified and if everything is checked out, it will be available on the iOS App Store.

    Now, what does all of this have to do with managers and getting paid and all that??

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