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Thread: Is Mavericks Mail fixable?

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    Is Mavericks Mail fixable?
    I hate the new Mail app in Mavericks. Especially the interaction with gmail. NO problems is latest Mt. Lion Mail, but this one awful!

    First there are folders that are unnecessary, and apparently no way to delete them: Junk? The only thing going into my junk folder is spam/junk from gmail. I have used spamsieve for years, and do not want or need the Junk folder. Also why does Mail get all of the junk automatically? The only way I have found to control this is to go to gmail webmail and delete before checking with Mail. Sort of defeats the purpose.

    I also can't see the point in the Archive folder, also new, as I save the ones I want and delete the others.........duh! Can't delete that one either.

    Anyone know if changing the account to POP would help? I have 2 computers that I regularly use, and am not going to update my laptop for the forseeable future because of Mail's squirrelly ways. It worked just fine, so why did they have to screw it up?

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    Hello - I just installed Mavericks last night on my iMac & MBPro (over Mountain Lion) - using Yahoo mail and not seeing a lot of different behavior - I would suggest checking 'Mail Preferences' to see if you can tic or un-tic some of the main options there - might help? Good luck - Dave

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    There used to be a way to remove Junk. I am not at my Mac at the moment but will be later today and will post back. In 10.8 the archive folder was also deletable. Will check on it and get back to you.

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    Mavericks Mail has changed the way it interacts with Gmail. Those folders are on the Gmail site and cant currently be removed.
    How to fix Mail glitches in Mavericks
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    Those changes or "fixes" will only appear if you're using IMAP with GMail. They do not affect the PoP accounts. I think it puts the Mac side of GMail more in line with that of Windows. (For better or worse.)

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    Along the same lines, I've got a few problems with apple mail since installing mavericks. The colour coded junk mail does not happen. All 'spam' goes into junk mail even if its not really spam. The earlier recognised spam used to be automatically colour coded and end up in junk mail, but now it doesn't (screen shot). The other issue is, even though there are unread mails (marked in blue), it doesn't show up correctly numbered along side the Inbox (Eg: Inbox 10). Usually the number shown is much lesser than the number of unread mails.

    Any solutions guys?
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    There are many issues currently with gmail in Mavericks mail (as linked above)

    Some developers have been issued with an updated version of mail and have been asked to focus testing on gmail, iCloud and Exchange email accounts.

    Would be nice if Apple just acknowledged the issue but it does look like a fix is on the way.

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    mrplow, thanks mate. looks like i'll have to wait for it

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