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    Pause function in iTunes 11 suddenly inaccurate
    I use iTunes all the time to transcribe audio interviews for my work, and have a pretty smooth workflow switching between my word processor and iTunes (in MiniPlayer mode) and using basic keyboard shortcuts. The most frequent shortcut I use is the spacebar, to pause and un-pause the audio as I'm transcribing.

    Lately, just in the past week, that simple function has become wildly inaccurate: when I come back and un-pause the track, it has skipped forward a second or two (enough to go past a word or a couple of words)ówhich, in addition to being downright annoying, really junks with my workflow.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I've googled for commiseration, explanations, or solutions, but to no avail.

    Thanks for any help the hive can provide.

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    Are you running iTunes 11.1.1?

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    11.1.3, actually. Everything (including my laptop) is now completely new and up-to-date, and I'm still having this issue.

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