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    Outlook vs Mac Mail?
    I'm running OS X Mavericks on my 27" iMac. Thinking of switching from standard Mac Mail to MS Outlook. Just looking input from users. How do you like Outlook? Work OK with iCloud?
    Helpful input is very appreciated.

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    Is there any particular reason that you're looking to make the switch?

    iCloud mail, like many other iCloud components, do not use any special technologies that you wouldn't find elsewhere. See here for the iCloud IMAP settings for instance (IMAP is a fairly common standard).
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    Does Outlook play nice with gmail? ... Unlike mail in mavericks.

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    After many years liking Outlook on Windows, when I switched to Apple I decided to keep life simple and switch to Apple's Mail, Calendar, Reminders and Contacts. Other than having to keep 4 apps open instead of one, I have no regrets (main reason for later adding 3rd party BusyCal was to consolidate Calendar and Reminders so now I have 3 open). I still have Outlook on my iMac and fire it up from time to time to check an archived email from the old days.
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